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Aquapic Solutions provides a range of consultancy and research services for clients in the aquatic trades.


Previous work has included:

  • BioSecurity audits for fish importers e.g. at licence renewal
  • Research - Review of EU legislation on petfood import
  • Research - Review of legislation on chemical use e.g. Malachite Green
  • Invasive Plant Issues - Identification and appropriate responses
  • Research - Zinc content of pond algicides
  • Technical support services to customers of a specialist filter distributor
  • Presentations, training and course materials

Presentations have been made to the aquatic trade on behalf of:

  • SAI Global for Cadbury Garden Centre
  • Oase (UK)
  • The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society
  • Garden Pond Promotions (USA)

Technical advice is also supplied to architects, landscapers and constructors (see here)

Some examples:


Completion of the CEFAS Importer Biosecurity Measures Plan for fish importers, with an action plan to introduce beneficial changes to procedures and facilities


Advice on the correct naming of potentially invasive aquatic plants and the relative risks of ornamental species

Test Kits

Testing of pond algicides for metal content. Testing of UV units to calculate quartz transmittance levels. Research into various legislative issues for importers.

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